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I was referred to Dr. Bohannan from my dentist for the extraction of my wisdom teeth. I was nervous, obviously, but walking into his office I felt a little better. The office was clean, I was greeted warmly, the staff was very nice and courteous. During the consultation, I was thoroughly informed about my procedure and what was to be expected. Dr. Bohannan was warm and professional and covered EVERYTHING. I knew exactly what to do and when to do it both before and after surgery. The documentation was also a very helpful reminder. I left his office ready to have the procedure and left my worries behind. On the day of the procedure, I was nervous, but once again the staff and Dr. Bohannan put me at ease. I don’t even remember the I.V., as they used some cold spray, and the next thing I knew I was going home. I didn’t feel a thing after surgery. I only had one day of soreness and I can say that Dr. Bohannan far exceeded my expectations and made the whole experience a good one (as I really don’t like going to the dentist). Without a doubt, anyone who needs to have any oral surgery, I will recommend Dr. Bohannan. Thank you !!!!!

J. Kenny, San Mateo, CA

So...I'm a dentist, and in dental school, there were requirements to graduate. x number of root canals, x number of fillings,etc...You get the point. Well, I needed a root canal...and one of my friends in school needed to do a root canal to graduate. So, I let him do it. Fast forward fifteen years later...the root canal became re-infected. Turns out he missed a nerve, and the tooth fractured. The tooth had to be pulled out . No bad feelings, #$%! happens. But then I had to consider who would replace the tooth with an implant. Since I am a dentist, I know several surgeons who are very capable and skilled. However, there was no hesitation. I chose Dr. Bruce Bohannan because:

  1. He was in my class so I know how brilliant and skilled he is
  2. He went to medical school after dental school. Crazy?! But it shows again how smart the guy is
  3. He's just such a nice, confident and caring doctor
  4. He's not bad on the eyes. I overheard another patient mention that he looks like a soap opera star. Yeah..I must agree!=)

No one wants to lose a tooth...but if you have to, you will not regret seeing Dr. Bohannan!

Dr. Carliza Marcos, San Carlos, CA

I have to admit, the first time I met him I thought he looked a little young to be a DDS and a MD at the same time. I had this really weird impacted wisdom tooth that a few surgeons didn't even want to touch. And after speaking with Dr. Bohannan, he assured me it was no big deal. The staff was great in taking care of my insurance getting me prepped for the procedure.

On the day of my surgery, Dr. B had assured me that everything was okay. I was really nervous and he made sure I was ready before he injected the anesthesia. The next thing I remember, was on my way home. His office even called that same day to make sure I was doing okay.

It's been a year, and I feel great. Highly recommend!

Jessica T., San Francisco, CA

I was so scared after what my friends told my about their wisdom teeth experiences. I met Dr. Bohannan and his staff and they were all nice and very informative. Felt better after visiting them but was still scared. The surgery went fine, I went to sleep and woke up and it was all over. One day of discomfort, minimal swelling and a couple days of some soreness. That is it. So much easier than I thought. Don't believe your friends urban legends about wisdom teeth. Go to Dr. Bohannan and it will be easy.

T. Nguyen, Davis, CA

Excerpt from the patients letter to his referring dentist.

I want to thank you for doing the paperwork enabling me to have my tooth extracted by William B. Bohannan DDS, MD. I had the performance done on Thursday all went exceptionally well. In case the patients of Dr. XXXXX, do not care to travel to Westborough, I strongly recommend and suggest Dr. Bohannan. Both he and his staff are very capable, understanding and processional, and his work is top drawer. They took my blood pressure, gave me an ice pack and prescription for any pain I may endure. I was completely satisfied and thank you once again for your expertise.

Very Truly Yours,
Dave W. R - Millbrae, CA

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